Tips for a smooth wedding timeline.

Your wedding day. What a great time it is in your life! Your wedding day is a day of happiness, love, deep emotions, and full of family and friends. We want to help you with some tips and tricks for a smooth photography timeline on your big day. Wedding coordinators are amazing, but it is also imperative that you talk to your photographers before setting final times. Nine times out of 10 we meet with brides wanting amazing sunset portraits but end up missing it due to several factors.  Here are a few points to check if you want that awesome sunset for your bride and groom portraits.



1. Ceremony time – This is the most important since your main portraits will be before and after.   We normally recommend starting your ceremony about 2 hours before sunset so there is still a little sun for beautiful images of you and your new Hubby/Wifey as the sun kisses the earth.

2. Don’t forget about daylight savings. We have had several brides come in and say ” Our wedding is in November and we want the ceremony at 6:30.”  EEKKK!!! Don’t forget Daylight savings may have ended and your ceremony will be in pitch black darkness. Normally, here in Texas during daylight savings the sun will set around 5-5:30, so you will definitely want to set that ceremony for 3 or 3:30 depending on the length of your vows.

2. Consider how many family group images you want. Most family portraits are done immediately after the ceremony when everyone is already together.   We always have our brides plan  4-5 minutes for each group shot. So when you think of it that way, it’s easy to cut to the pictures you absolutely want. as 6 shots/groupings can be 30 min. Since your Bride and Groom portraits are usually taken after, if the group shots run over, that’s time the sun is going down and your perfect vision for that sunset image fades.

3. Consider a First Look.  Couples choose to do a first look for many reasons. It can help calm your nerves for the ceremony. It is an intimate moment shared with just the two of you and it gives extra time to create artful images of you on your big day. Often times you may even have time to enjoy some of cocktail hour you spent all that money on. Some people feel that it makes your day less special, but we can assure you it has its own special moment to it. Lots of couples take this time to exchange a gift or a letter expressing their love. This is a moment that wouldn’t happen otherwise. In all the hustle and bustle of the day, it gives you a chance to be present in the moment together; to see your spouse and everything around you with each other; to kiss and have that moment of love without everyone staring. We know this idea isn’t for everyone, but it is an option to consider.

4. Check with the Professionals.  Before nailing down your final timeline, check with each vendor to know exactly when they will be showing up and a timeline of what they expect. It is usually most important that your coordinator’s (if you have one and we recommend it) and your photographer’s timelines are in sync. That way you ensure getting the most of your photography experience.   Before hiring your wedding professional, interview a few, get to know them, look at their work. You will be able to tell who is there to create wonderful memories for you and your family. Definitely find someone who has worked several weddings and you trust will help lead you through the process.

Your timeline isn’t just something on paper to show everyone when to be where. It is a strategic map that will give you the best results for your wedding day and help you create your perfect vision for your day!