JPAR Featured Realtor for May

This month’s Featured Realtor is Rhonda Borgne


Purple Sage Photography had the pleasure of signing on as one of JP & Associates Preferred Vendors. We serve JPAR by creating beautiful and fun headshots for each realtor as they create their brand. Rhonda, an Oklahoma native, was the first realtor we met and had the pleasure of photographing. She was so sweet and had a very helpful and motivated personality. She was eager to get started and step forward with her career at JPAR.

We loved Rhonda’s motivation, confidence and sincerity. She has been in the business since 2003 and plans to keep that train moving.  If you are looking for a realtor in the area and need a good agent, Rhonda  may just be the one for you! She adores time with her children, cooking, entertaining and cuttin’ a rug;  definitely someone you can talk to and have fun with!! Her favorite hot spots are The Ritz, Tates, Gui,  Nickel and Rye, Nick and Sams Uptown. She also enjoys Stars and Mavs games, Inwood Tavern, The  Rodeo at Adolphus, Greenville Avenue and the Ft Worth stock yards.

When we asked Rhonda what she loved most about working for JPAR, her answer was their “cosmopolitan approach and up to date (local and national) industry strategies and knowledge.”

Rhonda’s Quick tip when looking for a new home?  “It ABSOLUTELY makes a difference to Q & A your representative as to any and all inquiries regarding your search. Secure that the invitation to communicate is sincere. I would recommend always, heck straight up ask, that your realtor remain approachable. Every single contract has its own profile – no two are identical. With that, go into a transaction to list or purchase with an open and educational mindset. In my experience, this removes a great deal of anxiety and grants an intellectual purchase.”